Core Values & Culture

What is truly special about Local Gold is our unique culture.
We created our list of core values to help clearly define exactly what our Local Gold family culture is.
Our core values serve as a guiding light that helps us make our daily decisions.


#1. We HELP make our world a better place

In everything we do, we strive to help make our world a better place. We’re direct marketers, so we add value out into our society is by helping our clients HELP MORE PEOPLE with their products & services. We also help our clients & partners receive better results from their hard earned advertising dollars, which allows them to spend more quality time with their family & friends!

#2. We INNOVATE on behalf of our customers

Following the herd is a fast track to mediocracy, AT BEST! We are committed to ongoing INNOVATION on behalf of our clients & partners. We think outside the box and challenge our TEAM members to find NEW & improved ways to drive results.

#3. We embrace & drive CHANGE

The only thing that is constant in our world today is CHANGE. We embrace CHANGE and work hard to continue to evolve as professionals & human beings. Rather than fear change, we welcome NEW opportunities & experiences into our lives and work to help create a better future for us all.

#4. We simplify TECHNOLOGY

Let’s face it, TECHNOLOGY can be hard & stressful! We are passionate about helping our clients simplify technology to embrace NEW opportunities to increase leverage, strengthen brand positioning & expand distribution.

#5. We pursue ongoing EDUCATION

Learning keeps us young at heart. We are forever students of marketing, business & life. We never stop learning and keep an open mind to learning NEW things each and every day.

#6. We practice open COMMUNICATION

We communicate openly and freely with our clients, partners & TEAM members. We believe that open COMMUNICATION helps to create stronger relationships that are built on trust and a mutual desire to drive results.


ATTITUDE really is a small thing that makes a BIG DIFFERENCE! The glass is half full with our team and we remain positive through the inevitable setbacks & roadblocks that life will continue to throw our way. We lift the spirits of those around us when they are down and work together to STAY POSITIVE!

#8. We enjoy a good LAUGH & HAVE FUN

Let’s face it, we love to LAUGH & HAVE FUN!  We have a work hard, play hard mentality and enjoy laughing as often as we can.  Life is too short not to have fun and enjoy the spirits of those around us.  We are committed to driving industry leading results, while at the same time LAUGHING & HAVING FUN in the process!

#9. We attack GOALS with ACTION

Grass does not grow under our feet. We ATTACK our goals with ferocious ACTION. We are committed to working smart, fast & efficient. When a door closes, we open a window. If a window doesn’t open, we smash down a wall. ACTION, when combined with passion, determination & skilled competence, creates a special force that will continue to serve as our strongest asset.

#10. We are dedicated to driving RESULTS

At the end of the day, we are committed to delivering the goods!  We check our egos as the door and strive to both deliver & receive industry leading results.