57th Street Chiropractic

Project Description

57th Street Chiropractic, founded by Dr. Gregg Rubinstein, is located in the heart of New York City.  57th Street specializes in providing effective chiropractic treatment to restore health and well-being to patients.  Our Local Gold team have helped 57th Street Chiropractic leverage NEW technology solutions, expert authority positioning tools & marketing automation to help drive NEW patient leads while strengthening brand loyalty.

Project Detail

[us_testimonial author=”Dr. Gregg Rubinstein” company=”Chiropractor”]The Local Gold team is AWESOME! I have been with them for years, since the beginning and their owners Jared and Jonathan are now personal friends. They continue to consistently over-deliver results while helping us to stay one step ahead of new technology and opportunities. We receive a steady flow of NEW patients from our Local Gold program and their team is super-fast to respond whenever we need their help. What I’ve been most impressed with is their ability to deliver specific niche patients. We focus on maternity, pediatric and family care and almost everyone that comes through Local Gold falls in that category so I know their specific marketing campaign is working. They have helped me navigate the world of online marketing and SEO and are true advocates of my practice. When I get calls from Angie’s List, Yelp and other online advertising opportunities, they let me know which ones are good which ones are not and which ones would actually conflict with my Local Gold program. Local Gold is the real deal, they receive my highest recommendation.


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