Bolling Plastic Surgery

Project Description

Bolling Plastic Surgery is one of the highest rated plastic surgery centers in all of Alabama and proudly provides a wide range of life-altering cosmetic surgery services to clients from all walks of life.  Our Local Gold team has helped Bolling Plastic Surgery capitalize on NEW technology solutions that use the internet to advertise their practice, drive awareness & build brand loyalty.

Project Detail

[us_testimonial author=”Dr. Robert Bolling, M.D.” company=”Founder, Bolling Plastic Surgery”]Hello, my name is Dr. Robert Bolling. I just want to let you know about the positive experience that I’ve had with the Local Gold team. Our website ranks top of google and all the major search engines as they continue to stay cutting edge with new technology. The Local Gold team is super fast to respond whenever we need their help. They are great to work with and I highly recommend them, thank you.


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